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A new format of recreation with games, movies and karaoke

Spend unforgettable parties, celebrations, atmospheric gatherings with friends and family with us

About us

CINEMA HALL is a space where you can watch your favorite movies without being distracted by the crunch of popcorn and the conversations of strangers. Here, in the hall with comfortable sofas, you will enjoy the atmosphere of comfort and privacy!

We invite you to have fun with friends and family, celebrate a birthday or a celebration in a cozy atmosphere!

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So why should you visit us?

Playstation 5

Here you can not only watch movies, but also play playstation 5! Check the availability of a particular game in the chat with us

Food and drinks

You can either bring your own food, or use the services of our kitchen and order whatever you want

Movies and TV series

Here you can choose any movie or TV series in high quality, even if it is not available on Apple TV and Netflix


A hookah is available in all our rooms as an additional option. Moreover, in some of the rooms it is completely free!


You can come to us with your weak alcohol! Moreover, in our menu you can choose alcohol to your taste

Comfortable temperature

A comfortable temperature is maintained in all our rooms. If suddenly you want to make it hotter or cooler, then we will provide you with a remote control for regulating the climate in the room

Our rooms


This room in the style of space with a soft floor and a large screen is suitable both for creating a romantic atmosphere and for a pleasant time with friends and colleagues.


Do you like glamour? Then this room is exactly for you! Have fun with your girlfriends or friends, enjoying the atmosphere of this room.


If you want to have a nice time in a luxurious environment and feel like a VIP, then be sure to visit this room.


Immerse yourself in a fabulous atmosphere, having a good time in this unique room with your friends or relatives.


Have you ever tried to dive into the vibe of jazz? No? In this case, we strongly recommend that you try to do this, because our room is perfect for this!

New York

A small but atmospheric room for small gatherings with your friends and family. Get into the night vibe of New York!


How long have you been at sea? Would you like to get to Provence, where one of the most beautiful coasts is located? If you answered yes, then be sure to visit this room and have fun in the sunny atmosphere of Provence!


Step into a cinematic jungle oasis in our room – where vintage cinema charm meets the untamed allure of the jungle. Immerse yourself in a lush, green celluloid escape, surrounded by iconic film relics amidst a verdant landscape. Explore the magic of the past within a wild cinematic realm.

Ready for some fun? Then book a room right now!

If you still have any questions, please contact us - we will answer immediately!

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